Dot Com Lifestyle Book Club

After some chatter with some of the members from the Dot Com Lifestyle group I have decided to start a book club.

We’ll be talking about various business, internet marketing, and productivity books. The idea is to read one book per month. Sorry we can’t all be Tai Lopez and “read” one book per day.

We’ll be starting out with one of the first five books I suggested. We’ll put up additional books up for vote each month.

To read more about the books in the short list, check out the dot com lifestyle book club meetup announcement.


photo by Ginny, licensed under CC.


How Do I Start a Blog?

I have created a step by step guide that teaches you how to start a blog.

This new blog covers all the basics on how to get started quickly. You should be able to get a blog running in about 30 minutes or less and you can do it all yourself.

You don’t need any prior experience. The tutorial covers how to start a blog using WordPress and how to get started with your first blogpost.


Dot Com Lifestyle Update

Dot Com Coffee – Rafflecopter Edition

We’ve had our 3rd or 4th Dot Com Coffee meetup now and the past two have been great. Of course I say so because we’ve been talking about my project. The project is the Papidaddy blog, feel free to visit that and learn more about it.

The first meetup 2 weekends ago we talked about how to setup a blog for monetization as is Charles Amit covered some of the notes. And I have a few more notes that members sent in but haven’t published yet. Will link those when ready.

This past Saturday we covered how to do a giveaway with Rafflecopter. That’s the tool I’m using to giveaway items and cash prizes to my readers. Here are a few pictures and I’ll add notes as soon as I have them or one of our members submits their notes.

Oh and by the way, in case you missed this during the meeting or you missed the meeting altogether, Rafflecopter has agreed to sponsor three readers of my blog ( with a full year worth of Rafflecopter. Yes, that means Rafflecopter for free for a year!

Yeah, aren’t you glad you read this blog…?


The ring you keep seeing is the MOBE million dollar ring and I blogged about it here.

Dot Com Lunch at Pho Bac Co.

This is a short video by John. I hope you join us next time for a Dot Com Lunch. Most Saturdays in Irvine at Pho Bac Co.

Address is: 4250 Barranca Parkway, Irvine.

Ultra Expensive Mic & Helmet Edition.

Dot Com Lifestyle Member Bob Buskirk ( posted a review he did for the Aloft Hotel in Silicon Valley. Here’s an excerpt and a link to the full review.

Last month I had the chance to stay at an Aloft hotel. Aloft is Starwood’s boutique hotel chain. These hotels are actually pretty cool and offer a unique atmosphere. I actually first heard of them when they made a custom playlist for Spotify a year or so ago. Since then I’ve always wanted to check them out. I attended a press event for ThinkComputers and the company put us up at the Aloft Silicon Valley so I was pretty excited. (continue reading…)

Thanks for reading another update from the Dot Com Lifestyle blog.


What is Clickbank?

We interviewed Josh from Clickbank. We asked him a simple question.

What is Clickbank?

We use Clickbank to promote information products, software, ebooks and other downloadable or virtual products. We use it to sell our own products and we use it to find products we want to promote as affiliates.

Here’s a blogpost I wrote about this. Clickbank always has one of the nicest booths at the event.

Affiliate Summit West. – Vanesa Rey Interview

Vanesa Rey is awesome and runs – She won one of the free tickets to Affiliate Summit and she loved the event.

She also learned a lot and one of the things that she took away was how to join and create an affiliate program. This happened for Affiliate Summit West and she has now launched her affiliate program with some of the highest commissions paid in her niche.

If you want to join her program, visit this page for more information on how to join Vanesa Rey Affiliate.

She highlights some of the awesome parts of Affiliate Summit and she shares the tips you’ll need as a first timer going to this fantastic event.

You should get your ticket now because it sells out quickly.

Get your ticket here.

How to Become an Authority

As you may or may not know I have started a new project. A live monetization case study.

It’s a blog about parenting and about blogging with the purpose of helping people and sharing my life.

But a requirement is for the blog to make money. I have setup some ground rules for the case study but a lot of it has to do with authority.

Just like you may be starting a blog, the Papidaddy project has no authority. Nobody knows “Papidaddy” and nobody has ever seen the blog so for all intents and purposes, I am a nobody.

I must build Authority from scratch for this project so a big part of that is showing you how to do so. One of the lessons I’ll be covering is the one in this video.

Catch these tips that teach you how to become an authority in *ANY* niche. This is how you become the “GO TO Expert” on any topic.

Disney is Ruining My Kid.

This is another reason to pursue the Dot Com Lifestyle. With the right approach, achieving the Dot Com Lifestyle is one way to be available for your kids (if you have any or plan on having any) all the time. You see, if you don’t raise your kids, chances are that TV will. And that outcome isn’t very promising.



Disney has been ruining my kid…. a job I can do quite well on my own, thank you.

 I know, it sounds drastic.  Don’t worry, I am not going to launch into a ridiculous diatribe about how Frozen has a hidden gay agenda (huge eye roll) or is turning my girls in to glittery, sparkly princesses who need a prince to save them, (we are over that stage, thank god) or that Miley Cyrus grew up and dared to climb out of her Hannah Montana box.

In the interest of being a pretty laid back mom,  who fights against my extremely conservative upbringing, I have tried to adopt a more moderate view of the world and it’s evils.  With my girls, I am trying a more balanced approach, believing that they should not be sheltered constantly from American culture, taught to fear and judge and overreact to everything they see…

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Lionel Castro #DCL Featured Member

Lionel Castro has been a member of our group for some time now. He’s like a ninja, he moves and exists quietly. Peacefully he enters and leaves the room, but when you least expect it, he is there. Boom. In your face.

Like who would have thought this quiet man was an inventor? Yeah, he invented the Genius Strap. Check it out after the video.

You can find out about it at

Home Business Summit San Francisco

The next Home Business Summit will be in San Francisco. Didn’t I tell you that MOBE is stepping up its game? Not only are they increasing the frequency of the Home Business Summit itself, but they’re also expanding into top tier cities.

So Far, this is the story of the Home Business Summit:

San Diego, 2013
Long Beach, 2013
San Diego, 2014
Irvine, 2014
Phoenix/Mesa, 2014
San Francisco, 2014
Next will be… TBD. (but rumored to be really rainy).

To get more info about the Home Business Summit, go check it out here.