What is Clickbank?

We interviewed Josh from Clickbank. We asked him a simple question.

What is Clickbank?

We use Clickbank to promote information products, software, ebooks and other downloadable or virtual products. We use it to sell our own products and we use it to find products we want to promote as affiliates.

Here’s a blogpost I wrote about this. Clickbank always has one of the nicest booths at the event.


Neary Heng #DCL Featured Member

Neary Heng has been in our group for about a year and she’s really driven. She’s determined to make Internet Marketing her highway to retirement at an early age. Instead of having to wait until 65, she wants to retire earlier and not have to be concerned with the financial struggles that come with retirement. Watch her video and get it directly from her:

You can find Neary HengĀ atĀ http://smileshocker.com