Baker Jacinto #DCL Featured Member

Baker has been coming to the Dot Com Lifestyle meetups for years now. A prolific writer and author, he guides people into a deeper spiritual journey to help them succeed and overcome challenges.

You can find more about Baker at


Lionel Castro #DCL Featured Member

Lionel Castro has been a member of our group for some time now. He’s like a ninja, he moves and exists quietly. Peacefully he enters and leaves the room, but when you least expect it, he is there. Boom. In your face.

Like who would have thought this quiet man was an inventor? Yeah, he invented the Genius Strap. Check it out after the video.

You can find out about it at

Neary Heng #DCL Featured Member

Neary Heng has been in our group for about a year and she’s really driven. She’s determined to make Internet Marketing her highway to retirement at an early age. Instead of having to wait until 65, she wants to retire earlier and not have to be concerned with the financial struggles that come with retirement. Watch her video and get it directly from her:

You can find Neary Heng at