What is Clickbank?

We interviewed Josh from Clickbank. We asked him a simple question.

What is Clickbank?

We use Clickbank to promote information products, software, ebooks and other downloadable or virtual products. We use it to sell our own products and we use it to find products we want to promote as affiliates.

Here’s a blogpost I wrote about this. Clickbank always has one of the nicest booths at the event.


How to Become an Authority

As you may or may not know I have started a new project. A live monetization case study.

It’s a blog about parenting and about blogging with the purpose of helping people and sharing my life.

But a requirement is for the blog to make money. I have setup some ground rules for the case study but a lot of it has to do with authority.

Just like you may be starting a blog, the Papidaddy project has no authority. Nobody knows “Papidaddy” and nobody has ever seen the blog so for all intents and purposes, I am a nobody.

I must build Authority from scratch for this project so a big part of that is showing you how to do so. One of the lessons I’ll be covering is the one in this video.

Catch these tips that teach you how to become an authority in *ANY* niche. This is how you become the “GO TO Expert” on any topic.